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We Support Small Scale Industries In India

Small Scale Industries (SSI) like textiles, electronics, electrical and auto spare parts, Food, Paper, Ceramics and Chemical products, etc are the backbones of Indian economy. Every year there are lot of SSI companies manufacturing products with good quality but they are not able to commercialize them successfully due to the heavy competition from foriegn investors and companies who import the products from China for cheaper rate and sell them in indian market. We at studied these factors and ready to help SSI companies who wants to sell their products in india thru our website. Majority of our products are directly bought from Small Scale Industries suppliers and our profit directly goes to them. We don't import any products from China or Hong Kong like other indian online retailers. By supporting you are actually supporting the people behind Small Scale Industries. 

If you believe in indian products and willing to support indian manufacturers please spread the word and avoid purchasing products from foreign manufacturers. We are working hard to get distinct products from various manufacturers and we will make sure that by buying products from Kithna.Com you will not get disappointed.  We focus on customer satisfaction and we would like to delight our customers. Keep buying and Keep supporting Small Scale Industries in India.